Mehrdad Khoddami

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I started my venture capital journey with Rahnema Ventures in Tehran. As a key member of the investment team, helped Rahnema Ventures source, diligence, invest and assist the next cohort of game-changing startups. Responsible for actively present in the ecosystem, monitoring, market research, identify, source, and evaluate new investment opportunities; Conduct detailed due diligence; Execute various projects as needed, including developing and researching investment theses; Establish and maintain strong professional networks inside and outside the RV network; Also assist individual portfolio startups in support of RV board members. Able to reach conclusions about the potential success of different businesses. Highly interested in startups and new technologies, and project management skills. My technical and digital marketing backgrounds along with my expertise in technological trends analytics give me diverse perspectives and a special power to identify high potential startup teams that can be next unicorn. Through my jobs in Rahnema Ventures & Samsung AUT Tech., I reviewed hundreds of startups, had 1+ hour meetings with more than 500 startups teams, got the drill down & have due diligence over a dozen startups.

Areas of Expertise

I've worked as venture association and portfolio manager for many years, through these years I've helped many founders to grow in wide range of related skills. So I can help people who want work in startups; Either as founder or employee.