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Ropera is a place for people who work at Tech Industry to meet experts and get advice.

How Ropera works? 🤷️

  • 1. Find the expert who can help you

    We can help you find experts who can help you if you tell us what your challenge is (from Ask Ropera section in home).

    You can browse the experts yourself too.

  • 2. Request a meeting with the expert

    Request a meeting with people we've found for you, tell about things you want to talk about and provide dates and times you're available to an online meeting.

  • 3. Meet the expert online

    Ropera sets an online meeting between you and her/him. You can talk to the expert over Google Meet and get the help you need.


Experts on Ropera 👩‍💻

Meet CEOs, Founders, Technical Leaders, Game Designers, Software Developers, Product Managers and more.
Arsalan Yarveisi
Product Manager @ Neurotrack
Saba Haghiri
Managing Director @ Testady
Arman Karimi
CEO @ Abarclass
Mostafa Hajizadeh
Co-founder @ Cafebazaar
Arghavan Ansari
Game Developer @ Fanoos
Shahab KhodaBakhsh
Chief Financial Officer @ Cafebazaar
Eugene Ghanizadeh Khoub
Programmer @

Have Questions? 🤔

  • 0. Who can use Ropera?

    Anyone who works in tech industry can use Ropera. Either to get career advice and personal growth, or to get advice and help on career challenges, you can contact experts and set meetings with them.

  • 1. Who can join Ropera as expert?

    Product Managers, developers, Technical Leaders, CEOs and anybody who has the expertise to help other people solve their problems can join Ropera as expert.

  • 2. Is Ropera free?

    Yes, Ropera is currently free. Experts spend their time meeting people to help them, grow their network and exchange ideas.

  • 3. How do the meetings held on Ropera?

    After you find the expert you want to have meetings with, you:

    1. Write about the topic you want to talk about, along with the questions you want to ask.
    2. Suggest the dates and times you're available for an online meeting.
    3. Send the meeting request.

    The expert will read your request and will choose from the time-slots you suggested to hold the meeting if he/she is available. Then Ropera sets an online meeting (on Google Meet) with you and the expert.

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